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WiperSoft Download

WiperSoft is a fastthe best solution to Your PC problems!

  • Guarantees your privacy
  • Removes spyware , adware and other computer infections.
  • FREE Helpdesk services for ultimate support.
  • FREE Custom Fix feature to remove specific threats.
  • 6 months subscription.

YOU could directly download WiperSoft here:

Why is WiperSoft a Useful Security Tool?


WiperSoft can detect hijackers, adware, junk apps, toolbars, etc., that have infiltrated your system while you were browsing and, unknowingly to you, are slowing down your computer.


With WiperSoft, there is no need for you to worry about the growing number of online computer infections, because the utility regularly updates its database. These updates allow WiperSoft to detect even the newest computer threats that may be unnoticed by other security tools.


Finally, WiperSoft can ensure that all these intruders are removed from your computer. You will not have to deal with annoying ads or pop-up messages any more – continue enjoying your browsing!

What is WiperSoft and What does it do?

In short, WiperSoft is a real-time Windows security tool which will scan your PC, find all the unwanted applications that currently reside in your system, and delete them at your will. This tool is very easy to use, so even if you are an inexperienced user, you should not have any problems with it. Remember that it was created for every-day use and can be employed by professionals as well as first time users. We are sure that even if it is your first time encounter with security tools, you will be able to benefit from it.

When you install WiperSoft on your PC, you can become completely sure about your computer’s security. The security tool will protect it from all the possible threats and will find all the undesirable programs that are already inside your system. Then you will be able to choose which ones you want to delete from your PC.

If your browsing is constantly interrupted by unwanted programs, you definitely need to acquire WiperSoft. It will remove Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), Adware, and nasty Browser Hijackers. This will ensure that the every-day use of your PC will become much more pleasant and will not be filled with so many distractions that you may have faced.

Very often these unwanted programs infiltrate your PC together with freeware. The users can decline their entrance, however only a few actually pay attention to the installation process. The distributors of hijackers, adware, etc. are well aware of this which makes this deceptive marketing method quite attractive to them. Every time you install free of charge software, there is a high risk that you will acquire more than one application. And there is a huge possibility that these additional programs will be very annoying and damaging to your computer. WiperSoft can take care of all these problems and safeguard your computer in the future.


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